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Our History

Mount Castle Corporation (MCC) was founded and incorporated in 1992 as a subsidiary to Home Living Services, Inc., a group home for elderly residents in Milwaukee. MCC services are designed and marketed for developmental disabled individuals in need of high quality, affordable, residential care in a community setting. The main facility located on Pearlette Lane opened in September 1997. Dean House opened in July 1988. The apartment facilities opened in 2001. MCC  works to promote racial harmony, provide an effective advocacy voice in DD care, and encourage suburban group home expansions.


MCC have experienced great start-up success, and looks forward to providing many years of provider services to clients referred through Milwaukee County Adult Services.


Our Mission 

Mount Castle Corporation provides quality CBRF services and Supportive Independent Living (SIL) for disabled adults in a home-like atmosphere, in familiar residential community settings where all of our residents are treated as members of our community.  We also provide placement alternatives to traditional institutional care. 

MCC quality goals are:

  1. All residents are given tailored and customized services.

  2. All residents facilities are maintained, conveniently located, comfortable, and reasonably priced.

  3. Our residencies are stable- where residents can enjoy short and long-term stays.  

There's Nothing Magical about the Castle; just lots of Dedication, Commitment and Hard-work!  

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