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Disabilities Unlimited, Inc.

Disabilities Unlimited, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is committed to providing residential, educational, vocational, recreational, fitness, and other quality of life supportive services to the adult developmentally disabled and mentally challenged residents and their families.


Our Philosophy

We believe that there are many DD and MMR individuals capable of living productive and responsible lives in the community as long as they receive the necessary  medical and mental health support from the community. Relying to a great part on Title 19 dollars for living accommodations, other resources must be supplemented to enable this group of citizens the best opportunity to succeed in the community. There will never be adeguate public money to properly assist this populations. Their needs can be great. 


Transportation services are available from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week. Extended hours can be arranged as needed.


All of these indiciduals have the same basic needs for physical comfort, security, a sense of belonging, love, and fulfillment. Disabilities Unlimited will work in conjunction with the Mt. Castle Corporation to provide a unique combination of support, assistance, education, and encouragement that will enable these individuals to satisfy these needs and triumph in the fulfillment of his or her life goals. 

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