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Mt. Castle Community Based Residential Facilty SIL and Adult Family Home

Mt. Castle is committed to providing our residents with quality services in a caring home-like environment. Our programs are designed to maximize individual and community adjustment skills while respecting the personal rights and dignity of each resident.

MCC in Motion

Using real and simulated experiences, residents practice daily living and social skills that promote healthy self esteem, self respect and confidence. We foster on site- training on outings to area grocery and department stores, churches, restaurants, the theater, parks and other cultural and recreational events, after which a staff assessment is reviewed with residents. Developments and enhancement of these skills are essential for all residents and especially for those working toward independent living.

MCC Management and Staff

MCC Management and Staff are a collective team of Mastered Degree, Registered Nurse (RN) ,Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and CBRF Certified Caregivers, trained and experienced in DHS 83 and 88 licensing requirements.  We are professionals with training in the areas of medication administration, fire and safety procedures, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and most importantly, Resident's Rights. Training is provided in accordance with DHS and on-going in-service workshops. Staff briefings are conducted weekly to ensure state compliance.

MCC Methods

Our program goals are to:

  • Encourage and foster each resident at his/her optimal pace

  • Provide exercise to develop fitness, wellness, mobility and endurance

  • Promote independence through interpersonal skills training and group interaction and activities

  • Develop work-related maintenance skills through placement in structured workshops

  • Foster and encourage participation in recreational, cultural and community activities

  • Enlist consistently the support of family, friends, and significant others in the Mt. Castle residency experience.

Provided Home Services

Bed Changing/ Making




Light Housekeeping

Meal Preparation

Maintain Food Freshness

Maintain Shopping List

General Shopping

Grocery Shopping

Letter Writing

Assist with Sorting and Reading Mail

Maintain Calendar of Events/ Appointments

Personal Event Reminders

Review Phone Messages

Current Events Awareness


Assist with Arts n Crafts/Recreation

Play Games and Cards

Coordinate Lawn Service

Coordinate Snow Removal

Supervise Home Maintenance



Provided Personal Services

Appointment Reminder

Assist with Clothes Selection

Assist with Dressing

Assist with Personal Hygiene

Basic Grooming

Companionship and Conversation

Monitor Eating and Dietary restrictions 

Administer Medication and monitor usage

Stimulation through Conversation and Activities

Prompt with appropriate dressing /Weather Awareness


Other Services

Assist with Gardening

Run Errands

Coordinate in-home (Barber/Beauty Services

Escort to Social Functions

Plan Outings/Social Events

Escort to Appointments

Assist with Holiday Decorations

Any other feasible non-medical services desired by the client.


Please Contact the Director of Operations at 414-540-6479, ext 1001 to inquire about vacancies or to submit referrals, or if you have any other questions.


CBRF = Community-Based Residential Facility (for residents needing the highest level of care)

AFH   = Adult Family Home (for residents needing moderate levels of care)

SIL   = Supportive Living Apartments (for residents who can be independent with little support in their own apartment)


MCC Modes

  1. Home Living Residency assists residents in developing functional living skills such as personal grooming and hygiene, appropriate dressing care for possessions, room and common areas, use of money, shopping, food preparation and dining, and group interaction.

  2. Leisure Time Management has two major focuses:

    1. Expose residents to cultural and community resources like museums, libraries, parks, parades, festivals and sporting events, to develop a lifetime interest.

    2. Assist residents in planning activities that foster personal interest and hobbies. Residents learn to communicate their preferences, negotiate with peers for support and shared resources, prioritize their schedules, and implement planning. This process develops the proficiencies needed to appropriately manage leisure time

  3.   Health and Physical Fitness program allows residents to:

  • Develop and implement a personal fitness program

  • Manage personal wellness issues such as diet restrictions

  • Manage medication, both prescription and over-the-counter

  • Develop basic first aid and sanitation skills

  • Initiate physician visits and effectively communicate with the physician.

  4.   Individual and Group Counseling:

         Weekly sessions with caregivers help address and resolve sensitive personal issues and conduct that inhibit

         healthy interaction. Each week, residents and staff meet to identify and resolve group issues.



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